Emerging Writers

  • Advance your career by publishing strategically--avoiding the oversaturated e-retailers like Amazon and migrate to mobile storytelling.
  • Publish in a weeklong production cycle, as opposed to the traditional yearlong cycle and monetize your content immediately.
  • Build a young and unique readership from rapidly growing global smartphone fiction consumption.

"So far, my experience with Radish has been amazing. I've been writing several original serials for Radish. They have made some excellent money so far, and readers from Radish — people from around the world — have reached out to me on different social media platforms."

Tamara Lush

Established Writers

  • Be at the forefront of storytelling and create fiction for the next generation.
  • Reach a new rapidly growing global audience of young smartphone readers who favor mobile entertainment consumption versus traditionally distributed media.
  • Pre-release novels in serial format already slated for publication, monetizing your work as you build advance buzz.

"On Radish, I'm pre-releasing a novel already slated for publication in a few months. It's been fun to build marketing buzz and expose my writing to a new audience, and the team at Radish has been great."

Kendall Ryan, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author

"Pre-releasing my latest novel on Radish helped generate positive word-of-mouth among fans. We were also able to reach new readers from around the world. Radish has also proven to be an additional revenue stream to supplement ebook and print sales."

Tiffany Reisz, international bestselling author of The Original Sinners series from Harlequin and winner of RITA Award for Best Erotic Romance


  • Create, develop, produce, and distribute an IP that you will own.
  • Explore media adaptations with your property and venture into the world of movies, television and video game production.
  • Continue to tell and grow your story at the forefront of the fiction world with a young and unique audience.